January 1, 1950
After the War
The revival of the 15th Zlynski stud is connected with the names of two managers. The first one is Nikolay Ivanovich Kuritsyn. He was the head of stud from 1941 to 1953. It was he who saved the considerable part of the Zlynski trotters. Sergei Alexandrovich Kasimenko replaced him. New manager was also a vet and a passionate lover of horses. He became the continuer of Telegin's business. In 1963 Kasimenko managed to get an American stallion Bill Hanover for the stud and it became the founder of a new line.

The “Golden age” of Zlynski stud had begun. Its trotters won in all prestigious competitions. In 1966 a stallion Pogon won the Big All-Union prize (Derby), so thus it was returned to Zlynsky stud after 40 years. Also during that period of time here had been grown Krepky Zarok — the fastest trotter in USSR, which won 55 first prizes in union and international competitions. Krepky Zarok started its career on Moscow hippodrome in 1966 with the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture (one of the most important horse-racing prizes in the country). This horse won in Hungary three years running and also won a semi-final of a prize “Elite” in Sweden.

In 1967 Zlynski stud got the Grand Union Prize (Derby) again. The stallion Tulumbash won it. Such double was a great achievement for the stud.

In 1966 S. A. Kasimenko bought in the USA a group of carefully selected standardbred trotters (23 mares and 2 stallions) for the stud. It was a clever move. Nine mares were paired with the best stallions from the USA and safely foaled in Zlynski stud. Even now all Russian studs and bloodstock farms want to get in their livestock mares that came from that transferred horses.